Our collection of fine tea’s and accessories continues to grow. If you have an item you would like us to source and add to our offerings, please send us a comment..


Our choices are always changing. Let us create a custom order for your wedding or other special event.

Baked Goods

Orriginally we just sold Butter Tarts. They have become world fampus and Award winning. However, we now offer so much more.


The first hand made product Grandmas mastered was our Caramel Popcorn. Check our the wide variety of sweet glazed or Savoury flavours. Some of our customers claim the best movie combination is a combination of two or more flavours.


This is a very diverse category with one result in mind. Watching our customers smile as they enjoy a taste of their childhood, or finding that perfect blend of texture and sweetness. We call it the “Yum Factor”.

Meals and Soups

All of our meals and soups are hand made in small batches, frash frozen and ready for you to simply heat up and enjoy.

Gift Items

Order something for a friend! We have a good selection of “Grandmas Beach Treats” branded items as well as items promoting our home, “Wasaga Beach”.


Like any retail operation, we love to keep our inventory fresh. Doing so sometimes means featuring some great combinations for your enjoyment.