Our Social Media Platforms

We try to engage in a wide variety of social media platforms. As we grow with our online presence, we will feature so much more about our efforts on this page. For now, we really want people to know, the absolute must follow page is our Grandmas Beach Treats Facebook page.

Facebook was our firs dive into Social Media and it has been responsible for much of our online growth. For that we are grateful. Of particular pride is our daily post which features our products, but most importantly, our "Name of the Day" game.

We randomly select a name or names each day and post the name(s) on Facebook. If you happen to have been given that name by your family or fiends... simply come to the store before we close that day and claim a free Ice Cream Cone or Butter Tart. (Conditions apply) We post all links in our footer, but visit us now at- https://www.facebook.com/Grandmas.Beach.Treats