The Name Game is one of our most popular daily activities. On our Facebook and other Social media Pages, we post a new name every day. The rules are simple…

1) Show up at our store before closing on the day your name is posted.

2) Simply tell one of our staff you are a winner today because of your incredible name*.

3) Claim your prize… One free** Single Scoop Ice Cream Cone or a Free Single Butter Tart.

* Spelling is important to everyone, except us… If your name is spelled different, but is similar…YOU WIN!

** Single Hand Scooped Ice Cream in a Regular Cone, Regular serving of our Soft Serve or a Single Butter Tart (Subject to availability) All upgrades to extra scoops or upgrade cones are extra.

Click the “+” Sign in the right column of any page to see todays Facebook Feed and our winning Name of the day.